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About the Book!

This book was written to inspire kids to celebrate food and all it offers!


As you've likely noticed, our mission is to help kids find joy and purpose! We believe a healthy relationship with food is crucial to health and happiness! Food surrounds us daily and is essential for our wellbeing! Therefore, the way we understand and feel about food is SO important for our mental and physical health! 

Trained in Natural Nutrition, Intuitive Eating, & Music Therapy, Courtney wrote this book as a catchy starting point for discussing food with your kiddos! Through bright illustrations and beautiful poetry, kids learn that food helps them to:

  • heal & grow

  • celebrate with loved ones

  • develop cultural awareness

  • explore their senses

  • learn new skills 

The story ends with a captivating hook to remind kids it's okay to enjoy all foods and eat differently as they grow. Our eating may change each day based on our hunger, needs, situations, or what foods are available! The lyrics remind kids that they will still grow up to be strong, lovable, and worthy people because of who they are on the INSIDE!

This book is truly an ode to a healthy relationship with food AND body - for little ones and their caregivers!

*See the images on sidebar for samples of the illustrations (by QBN Studios)!

The book also features reflection questions to get your kids thinking about how they relate to food and self!

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